Womens Veg Leather Coat with Fur

Womens Veg Leather Coat with Fur
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Product Description

Womens Leather Coat with Fur 100% Real Lambskin Leather Inner fabric: Satin Satin Lining in Sleeves and Pockets Metalic Accessories (Zippers, Buckles) Real Leather Belt Fur on Collar This is an exotic leather coat made with the finest Italian leather with Veg finish. The finish adds a very unique shiny yet somewhat antique look to leather which is uneven. This finish is not very common and it certainly stands out. Prepare to be approached by people asking you where you got this from and how much you paid for it. The leather is lightweight to make it easy for you to carry this coat and wear it on a regular basis. Adding to the luxury of this leather coat, we attach fur to the collar. You have the option to choose between real or faux fur.